Southampton Race

Congratulations to all competitors who took place in the Southampton race yesterday. The weather was great, the commentary was, well, it was memorable and the skiing was fantastic.

Well done to Jake Shemmans and Lauren Vale for the fastest Male and Female times of the day (9.74s and 9.85s respectively)

Fun team:

1st – Team Delta

  • Evie Ayton (Bromley)
  • Samuel Greenland (Snowtrax)
  • Chloe Hambleton (Aldershot)
  • Lindsay Ayton (Bromley)
  • Freya Tressider (Aldershot)
  • Maddie Turner (Aldershot)

2nd – Team Foxtrot

  • Lila Ayton (Bromley)
  • Zoe Flitton (Berkshire Race Squad)
  • Jenna Furse-Cope (Aldershot)
  • Christopher Huelin (Chatham)
  • Nick Humphrey (Aldershot)
  • Benjamin Sawdon (Snowtrax)

3rd – Team Bravo

  • April Arthur (Snowtrax)
  • Zeke Atkins (Aldershot)
  • Hayden Cassidy (Berkshire Race Squad)
  • Nicholas Hillier (SASA)
  • Robert Humphrey (Aldershot)
  • Claudette Povey (Bowles)

Club Team

1st – Aldershot A

  • Jason Targett
  • Katie Saunders
  • Jack Furse-Cope
  • Jake Shemmans

2nd – Team Snowtrax A

  • Ben Vincent
  • Amber Gladin
  • Abigail Putman
  • Isabella Tomkinson

3rd – Bowles

  • Nigel Hilliard
  • Charlotte Hilliard
  • Toby Everest
  • Jack Hilliard