2016 Tri Region Event

The invitation for this year’s Tri-Region race to be held at Welwyn on Saturday the 15th October 2016 can be found here.

Anybody born in 2008 or before who has raced in at least one Snowsport South race this year and belongs to one of the following clubs is eligible for consideration for the Snowsport South Squad.

  • Aldershot Ski Race Club

  • Aldershot Senior Ski Team

  • Berkshire Race Squad

  • SASA

  • Snowtrax.

If you or your child would like to be considered for selection for a Snowsport South team could you please email Brian Davies by Sunday September 18th at chairman@snowsportsouth.org.uk.

Please include year of birth and race shirt size with your application. Teams will be selected in the week starting the 19th September and will be published by the end of that week.

Snowsport South will be entering 8 teams each with 5 racers so we have space for 40 racers. There are rules around team selection in that each team must meet the following criteria:-

  • A minimum of 1 U16 or below including U10s

  • A maximum of 2 Seniors or above

  • A minimum of 1 Team member of other gender from the rest

Please note that a U16 racer is anyone born in 2001 or after and a senior is anyone born in 1993 or before.

Teams will be selected based on the racer’s average time behind the winner in the 4 Snowsport South races held so far this year with adjustments made to ensure adherence to the rules above. The use of stubbies this year has meant that the younger racers generally have quicker times than they would have achieved through full race poles so an adjustment will be made to their times to take account of this for the team selections. Please note that for this event all racers will be going through full race poles.

As the event is jointly organised by the regions, each region is expected to provide an official per team. If you would like to volunteer to help out please let me know. If I do not get sufficient volunteers I will need to pick names from a hat so if you are considering entering the race please bear this in mind.

Best Regards,