Bowles Race – Sunday 28 August

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Bowles today and thank you to Bowles for organising a great event.

The individual results are available via the link in the column on the right.

The team results are:

First Second Third
Club Teams
Aldershot A Chatham A Bromley A
Jenny Davies Andy Atkinson Elle Ayton
Peter Davies Saul Biggs Evie Ayton
Jake Shemmans Ryan Bunton Lily Martin
Craig Speed Lauren Vale Danica Moore
Fun Teams
Echo Bravo Alpha
Liam King Phoebe Driscoll Lila Ayton
Gemma Nightingale Tim Fox Ramone Duckett
Zachary O\\’Sullivan Evelyn Gibling Robert Humphrey
Daisy Putman Ellie Mace Yasemin Isozu
Nikkie Vale Claudette Povey Elizabeth Metcalf
Ellie Vimpany Oliver Wells Oliver Sadler