Inter Region Event – Stoke, Sunday 3 July

This year the Snowsport England Inter Region event is to be held at Stoke on Sunday the 3rd July, the day after the GBR race. We would like to enter at least two teams for the event and although the invitation has not yet been published, in previous years teams consisted of 7 racers so we are likely to need at least 14 people including 4 females. To qualify for the team you must have raced in or be entered for at least one Snowsport South race this year (including the Southampton Club National) and must be Snowsport England registered with your first named club’s first named region being Snowsport South. Teams will be picked based on seed points in the most recent oBARTS list which is likely to be 2016.2. This year we are planning to have some race shirts made for the event so we will need some time to sort this out. To this end we are looking for applications to be submitted by the 31st May.

Please do not confuse this event with the Tri Region event which is being held at Welwyn on the 15th October. The invitation for this will be sent out in August.

If you are interested in taking part in the inter region, please email me at including SSE registration number, year of birth and shirt size.

Best Regards,

Brian Davies