Application for Regional Support

One of the functions of Snowsport South is to promote all elements of snowsports across the region. Every year we receive a grant from Snowsport England to allow us to do this. Last year, the structure of the grant changed to encourage regions to support our members in different ways and so, in response, Snowsport South have created a form to allow individuals, clubs or organisations to apply for assistance. This assistance could be in the form of organisational support, resources (e.g. help to run events or to borrow equipment like bibs/timing equipment, etc) or it could be an application for financial support.

If you, or your club/organisation feel you could benefit from help then please feel free to complete an application making sure that you explain clearly how your initiative will benefit the region. By ‘region’ we do not directly mean the whole of the Snowsport population across the South – it could be the initiative would benefit the region around your club. Once completed, please email to and we will consider each application individually.

We are keen to hear how we can help you to do things better or even to do new things so let us know how we can help you and let us know what you would like our sport to grow and improve.

Download the application form here