Aldershot Race Sunday 27 April

Thank you to everyone who has entered Sunday’s race. The race is fully subscribed, so no further late entries or any “on the day” entires will be accepted. The start list can be found here and start list by club here. If you know you have fees to pay, please come to the race hut before you start open practice. The provisional timetable is:

7:45 Centre Opens

8:00 – 9:00 Open Practice (this will be set using Stubbies not full gates)

8:15 Team Captains’ Meeting and Bib Issue at the Timing Hut

9:00 Individual Timed Runs

12:30 Individual Head to Heads

14:00 Club Team Races

15:15 Fun Team Races

We have a very large entry so please help with the smooth running of the event by listening to the marshals and following their instructions. This is especially important at the lift. Please do not join the lift halfway up and do not walk up the lift track.

Please do not take more than 3 runs in open practice – give everyone a chance!

Team captains will be given a list of their club’s fun team opt in/out decisions at the start of the day. It is up to each club to confirm that these are all correct and mark any changes. The sheet must be returned to the timing hut at the beginning of the individual head to heads. The Fun Teams rely on the correct information being available.

Please ensure that you have bungs on the ends of your ski poles. Ski Bartletts will be on hand if you need to buy any.

No BBQ’s are allowed at the slope. The cafe will be open for refreshments all day.

Hope you all have a great day! Good Luck!