Team Races – Snowsport South Summer Race Series

The age groups for the club team races this summer are:

Open – all ages

16 & under – 1997 or later

Under 11 – 2003 or later (This is a change from previous years. The group will all have raced through stubbies for their individual timed runs.)

It is expected that racers will only take part in more than one club team category if that is the only way their club can field a team.

Club team races will NOT take place at the second Southampton race on the 19 July. This means that there will be 5 club team races in the series – one on each slope.

Fun team races will take place on all race days providing time allows. Racing is not planned to continue beyond 4pm.

All team races (club and fun teams) and individual head-to-head races will take place through full poles – not stubbies.