Salomon Summer Race Series

The entry fee is £12 per race. Closing date is midnight on the Wednesday before the race. (Late entries please contact Please enter via this website.

The age groups for this season (with relevant years of birth) are:

Age Groups
Under 7 2005 & later 15 – 16 1996/1995
7 – 8 2004/2003 17 – 19 1994/1993/1992
9 – 10 2002/2001 20 – 30 1991 – 1981
11 – 12 2000/1999 31 – 49 1980 – 1962
13 – 14 1998/1997 50+ 1961 & earlier

A racer’s age is taken as of 31 December 2011.

The race day format will be the same as in previous years:

  1. Open practice

  2. Individual timed slalom runs – usually 3, best time to count

  3. Individual head to head races – seeded in groups of 4 using results of the individual timed runs.

  4. Club team event – The race software will consider a club eligible for each category of club team if they have racers present who fulfil the age criteria. Therefore, if a club has 4 U11 racers present, the software will enter the club for all 3 categories. If your club does not wish to enter a specific category, please let the race office know after the individual timed runs.

    11 & under: (year of birth 2000 or later) each club may enter one team of 3 racers

    16 & under: (year of birth 1995 or later) each club may enter one team of 4 racers

    Open: (all ages) each club may enter one team of 4 racers

    Clubs who have paid their SSE registration to affiliate to Snowsport South (either as their primary or secondary region) will automatically be eligible for the Club Team event. If clubs affiliated to SSE through other regions or organisations wish to enter, they may do so on payment of a £10 entry fee.

  5. Fun Team event – Racers are drawn into teams of 6 using the results of the individual timed runs. Racers declare whether they wish to enter this when they do their race entry and any changes must be given to the race office by the end of the individual timed runs. The team representatives for each club are responsible for making sure this happens.

Depending on racer numbers, the day usually runs from approximately 8am to 4pm.

The points allocation for this series has been reviewed as requested at the AGM. It has been decided that the following will be used:

1st = 25, 2nd = 21, 3rd = 18, 4th = 16, 5th = 15, 6th = 14, then reducing by 1 point for each place to 19th = 1

1 point is then added for a win or draw in the head-to-heads. The best 4 race results plus 1% of any others count. (This should give a result in the event of a tie.)

Look forward to seeing you all at the races!