Summer Series Round 1

Congratulations to all racers from today’s race. Apart from the individual medallists the Fun team results were:

1 – Team Juliet (Zeke Atkins, Stuart Crook, Caitlin Fletcher, Liam King, Caspar Mellon Hendry and Milly Mills)
2 – Team Lima (Theo Atkins, Jonathan Baber, Christopher Huelin, Zac Shrimpton, Amber Gladin and Benjamin Wontner
3 – Team India (Phoebe Driscoll, Nick Humphrey, Robert Humphrey, Brooke Lucas, Abigail Putman and Grace Vickers)

In the Club Teams, the results were:
1 – Aldershot A (Jake Shemmans, Lauren Vale, Freddie Mellon-Hendry and Geno Hounsham)
2 – Snowtrax A (Ben Vincent, Jed Bartlett, Isabella Tomkinson and Niamh Thompson)
3 – Snowtrax B (Preston Crook, Aiden O’Sullivan, Daisy Putman and Ellie Vimpany)

Thanks again to all the helpers from Team Snowtrax, you did an AMAZING job today!!