Ski Cross Event

The Ski Cross event which was cancelled in September (due to a broken lift at Bracknell) will be held on Saturday the 4 March. Unfortunately, we were informed this week that the John Nike Slope at Bracknell can no longer honour our booking. Therefore the event has been moved to Snowtrax. A big thank you to Snowtrax for coming to the rescue!

The course will consist of low level jumps linked by GS turns around markers (sprayed positions on slope) and should be easily managed by any skier of a reasonable standard. The event will start with an open practice session followed by individual timed runs in 3 age groups – U12 (yob 2006 or later), U16 (yob 2002 – 2005) and Over 16 (yob 2001 or before). Snowboarders are welcome to enter. Two courses will be set with an easier one for the U12s finishing at the bottom of the lift. (The older groups will follow the same course as the U12s but finish after the kicker.) Both courses will be set for open practice. A head-to-head knockout event will follow the individual runs.

The event will run from 16:00 to 19.00 depending on numbers – with presentation afterwards . It will be possible to hire slope skis on the day (but this should be booked in advance – please contact

Entries (£12) are open. Please register on this site first (if you are not already registered) and you can then log in to enter the event.

Entries are now closed for this event.

We look forward to seeing you there.