End of Season Prizegiving 2017

Following a very successful day`s racing, the end of year prizegiving was held at Snowtrax on Saturday 8 October. Thank you to all our supporters who made this possible Snowtrax, Salomon, SkiBartlett and SkiBitz.

The fastest racer awards went to Craig Speed (Aldershot) and Lauren Vale (Chatham).

The age group winners were

Age Group Male Female
U8 Ryan Faber Isabel Sadler
U10 Liam Atkinson Daisy Putman
U12 Harry Duncan Niamh Thompson
U14 Charlie Tubbs Evie Ayton
U16 Jake Shemmans Lauren Vale
U18 Craig Speed Nicole Shering
U21 Saul Biggs Jenny Davies
Sen Peter Davies Nikkie Vale
Mas1 Andy Atkinson Lindsay Ayton
Mas2 Graham Nayler

The full results can be found at SkiResults

The overall team trophies went to

Group First Second Third
U12 Team Snowtrax Bromley Race Club Aldershot Ski Race Club
U18 Aldershot Ski Race Club Team Snowtrax Bromley Race Club
Open Aldershot Ski Race Club Chatham Bromley Race Club

Prior to the renaming of age groups (to align with SSE) at the beginning of 2016, the age group team trophies were called U11 and U16 and are engraved as such. The ages of those eligible for inclusion in these teams have not changed.