Snowtrax Race – Saturday 28 May

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Snowtrax today. Many thanks to those who helped to organise the day and allowed it to run so smoothly.

The individual results are posted via the link in the right hand column. The team results are:

First Second Third
Club Teams
Aldershot A Chatham Bromley
Euan Chapman Saul Biggs Elle Ayton
Peter Davies Lauren Vale Evie Ayton
Jake Shemmans Nikkie Vale Adam Grecula
Craig Speed Ryan Wheeler Danica Moore
Fun Teams
Foxtrot Alpha Delta
Elspeth Blake Charlotte Hilliard Ben Brown
Anya Dattani Nick Humphrey Emily Clark
Phoebe Driscoll Ellie Mace Anna Jesse
Nigel Hilliard Eve Mayhead Max King
Owen Oakes Zachary O’Sullivan Maddie Turner
Maisie Rendell Isabel Sadler Morgan Turner