2016 Summer race Series

The race format for the 2016 Summer Series will be:

Individual – 3 runs down the same course, best time to count. (Racers born in 2005 or later will ski through stubbies.)

Individual head to head races – seeded on best individual time (whether it was achieved through stubbies or full poles). Racers in Group A (the slowest group) will be allowed a practice down the head to head course. This will be a bunny run immediately followed by their first round of head-to-heads.

Team races – There will be two competitions – Open Club Championship and Fun Teams. (A racer may only compete in one category and there will be a maximum of 2 teams per club.) The U12 and U16 Championships will continue to be decided using the aggregate of a club’s best times from the individual runs.

The reintroduced club teams will consist of 4 racers of any age and either gender. Points will be allocated for the first 4 places (8 for first place, 5 for second, 3 for third and 1 for fourth). These will be totalled over the season for the end of the season ranking. If a club has entered more than one team in the event, only the higher ranking team will score points towards the end of season rankings. (eg. If the day’s results were TSN B 1st, BRS 2nd, ASR 3rd, TSN A 4th , TSN would receive 8 points only – and no club would be awarded the single point for 4th.)

In order to help the day run smoothly, each club is asked to nominate a Club Representative for each race and let the race organisers know who it is. That person will be responsible for arranging assistance to the younger racers and the novice racers, and for encouraging parents to think about the tiredness and capability of the competitors. The Club reps will be responsible for making sure that the race secretary is notified of racers for the fun teams, club teams and those from “Group A” wishing to have a practice run before the start of the head to head races. The Club rep also needs to be aware of a situation where a racer has not attained a time in their first two individual runs and consider arranging a bunny run for their third run. In theory, they are also the individual who collects the bibs at the start of the day. In practice this can be done by anyone but the Club rep should take responsibility for their club’s bibs being handed out in order to prevent individual parents arriving at the race office to collect them.

Entries will open at the beginning of March.

The names of the age groups for Summer 2016 have been aligned with Snowsport England where possible. They are:

New Age Group Name Old Age Group Name Years of Birth
U8 Under 7 2009 or later
U10 7 – 8 2007/2008
U12 9 – 10 2005/2006
U14 11 – 12 2003/2004
U16 13 – 14 2001/2002
U18 15 – 16 1999/2000
U21 17 – 19 1996/1997/1998
20 – 30 20 – 30 1985 – 1995
31 – 49 31 – 49 1966 – 1984
50+ 50+ 1965 or before

Because our adult age groups differ from Snowsport England (we have 3 categories and they only have 2), the names of these groups are unchanged.