Snowsport England Member Director

Tim Fawke, the CEO of Snowsport England, has asked us to pass on the following communication…

I am writing today to give you an update following the AGM and to outline the members director role that was launched at the AGM on the 3rd of October.

2014 has been a very busy year for Snowsport England with many changes and developments. For those not present at our AGM please do have a look at the annual review document as this does highlight the key areas from 2014/15. I think we have even greater challenges going into 2015/16 but it is an exciting time. One of the key governance tasks is to get a members director onto the SSE board. This role is key for the ongoing link between the membership and the SSE board and I hope we get a good number of nominations as this is the chance for the membership to vote someone they want onto the board. This is an important role and the person will need to represent the whole of the membership. I would like to get nominations from across the country and would like your help to encourage nominations from the Snowsport South Region to go forward to an election.

Potential candidates can find the responsibilities of the member director as well as a link for nominations here.

The time frame for this process is set out below

16th October Members Director nominations open
16th November Nominations close
17th November Board check nomination are fit and proper persons
Nov/Dec Election
Dec/Jan Appointed / attend first board meeting

If you have any questions regarding the process then please get in touch via

Kind Regards,