Aldershot 2 – Sunday 24 May 2015

Thank you to everyone at Aldershot for organising yesterday’s race – and well done to all the racers. The results are posted via the link in the right hand column. The fun team results are:

1st Place : Juliet 2nd Place : Alpha 3rd Place : Lima
Adam Bannister Saul Biggs Lucas Collyer-Todd
Harry Duncan Ryan Bunton Jenna Furse-Cope
Sonny Lewis Coco Henderson Lily Martin
Callum Smith Charlotte Hilliard Jake Shemmans
Alexander Trust Daisy Putman Katya Watkins
Jessica Tubbs Ellie Vimpany Eleanor Wilkins

Hope to see you at Southampton on 6 June.

Don’t forget the Snowsport South Club National to be held at Southampyon on 7 June. This is open to all racers born in 2007 or earlier and is a great opportunity to experience national level racing. If you are not registered with Snowsort England, you can enter as a “day registration”. The race bulletin can be found at