2014 Tri-Region Event

The Tri Regional race (between Snowsport South, LSERSA and ERSA) was held on Saturday 18th October at Welwyn. The Snowsport South Teams were:

Team A Team B Team C
Craig Speed Bella Hathway Adam Bannister
Euan Chapman Graham Nayler Jake Shemmans
Jenny Davies Lauren Cooper Sophie James
Dave Ross Jordan Cooper James Gibbs
Simon Bannister Aaron Wortt Harvey Charlton
Team D Team E Team F
Jessica Tubbs Callum Ross Tony Smith
Nathan Smith Alex Trust Freddie Mellon-Hendry
Charlie Tubbs Ed Lutterloch Jason Targett
Bailey Oakes Jack Gibbs Martha Whittall
Eleanor Wilkins Hannah Dance Jessica Stayman
Team G Team H
Owen Oakes April Arthur
Ben Vincent Eve Mayhead
Ellen Hodgson Morgan Welbourne-Jones
Emma Trust Louis Parry-Gokce
Lucy Bannister Chloe Hambleton

Well done to all the racers but particularly the F team who finished as Runners Up in the Shield Competition and the A team who finished third in the Main Event.

The full results can be viewed on the ERSA website here.