Cally Jam – Southampton

Saturday saw the first ever freestyle competition at Calshot called the Cally Jam. For those who do not know Calshot, it is an indoor snowflex slope and takes about 4 seconds to go down, if you don’t rush. It is also undercover, many will remember it as the venue for the Southern Ski Shows.

Every Wednesday night is freestyle night and they have some pretty cool rails and kickers for a small slope.

Saturday night saw 38 riders hitting 9 obstacles on the slope with a change of design half way through. Judges were supplied by Snowtrax, and the event was judged as a full on jam session with no final. The judges’ meeting at the start asked for variation and full hit runs, no safety runs. The competitors obliged for a full 3 hours right up to the finish.

It was quite intense as all the riders were basically in one area. But there was some excellent rail work with snowboarders unstrapped back foot, one footed skiers, and so many spins on, off and switch ups it was hard to see, but nevertheless looked amazing.

On the kicker, it was pretty much the same as in full on, with riders pushing themselves to try new tricks amongst each other. So it almost became a joint coaching session with so many pulling tricks and grabs for the first time.

The results were:

Event Winner Runner Up
Snowboard Senior Male Jack Labbat Dunstam Langrum
Snowboard Junior Male Jake Binnee James Waterman
Snowboard Senior Female Melissa Brandner Julia Hareldon
Snowboard Junior Female Cerys Allen
Ski Senior Male George Schmidt Lewis Moore
Ski Junior Male Tom Saunders Kyle Wood
Ski Senior Female Millie Scott Rachel Walsh
Ski Junior Female Jessica Smith