Summer Race Series

The dates for the 2012 Salomon Summer Race Series are:

Date Venue
Sunday 20 May Aldershot
Saturday 2 June Bromley
Sunday 10 June Bowles
Saturday 16 June Southampton
Saturday 21 July Southampton
Saturday 8 September Snowtrax

As requested at the AGM, the Committee have looked at the points allocation for this series. It has been decided that the following will be used:

1st = 25, 2nd = 21, 3rd = 18, 4th = 16, 5th = 15, 6th = 14

then reducing by 1 point for each place to 19th = 1

1 point is then added for a win or draw in the head-to-heads. The best 4 race results plus 1% of any others count. (This should give a result in the event of a tie.)

As agreed at the AGM, the entry fee per race will be £12 this year.

Entries will open at the beginning of April when the race dates will appear in the right-hand column of the home page of this website.