Tri Region Race 15 October at Welwyn

We are looking for the squad nominations for the Tri Region race at Welwyn on Saturday the 15th October 2011. Anyone who has competed in Snowsport South races this year and is born before 2004 can be considered for selection so please let me know if you would like to race. We need to order race shirts by the 19th September so all nominations will be needed by the 17th September. If you are interested in taking part could you please let your club representative know and include your date of birth.

Club Contact
Aldershot Brian Davies
Berkshire Linda Miller
Snowtrax Darren Schmidt
Southampton Kevin Gibbons
Other send to uk

There will be 8 teams of 5 racers and selection will be based on the average of Snowsport South Race results this year with no minimum number of races. All interested racers will be ranked and the teams selected based on the ranking with regard being given to the following team composition rules:-

Minimum of 1 Children 2 racer or below per team

Maximum of 2 Seniors or Masters per team

At least 1 member of the team must be of the other gender to the other team members.

Best regards, Brian