Winter Series : Aldershot

Results of the Snowsport South Winter Series held at Aldershot on Sunday 13 March.

Group Name Club Best Time Position in Group
9F Lauren Vale Bromley 10.57 1st
9F Madeline Burns Snowtrax 11.72 2nd
9F Lucy Bannister Aldershot 16.43 3rd
9M Jake Shemmans Aldershot 11.62 1st
9M Charlie Humphries Snowtrax 12.51 2nd
9M Callum Ross Snowtrax 12.95 3rd
10F Nicole Shearing Snowtrax 10.01 1st
10M Calum Leverett Southampton 11.05 1st
10M Euan Smith Aldershot 12.43 2nd
11F Lauren Cooper Southampton 10.51 1st
11M Craig Speed Aldershot 9.58 1st
11M Adam Bannister Aldershot 9.95 2nd
11M Jordan Cooper Southampton 10.67 3rd
13F Bella Hathway Aldershot 9.02 1st
13F Annie Usher Aldershot 9.34 2nd
13F Phoebe Long Aldershot 10.24 3rd
13M Euan Chapman Aldershot 9.05 1st
13M George Allan Southampton 9.53 2nd
13M Luc Farmer   Southampton 9.61 3rd
15F Hannah Bozier Aldershot 8.44 1st
15F Antonia Pretty Southampton 8.70 2nd
15F Jenny Davies Aldershot 8.91 3rd
15M James Seiber Aldershot 7.86 1st
15M Chris Evans Aldershot 8.14 2nd
15M Jack Bradford-Smith Aldershot 8.53 3rd
16F Ellen Hathway Aldershot 8.44 1st
16F Nicola Vale Bromley 9.01 2nd
16M Peter Calvert Aldershot 8.16 1st
16M Peter Davies Aldershot 8.39 2nd
16M Will Reader Aldershot 8.46 3rd