Freestyle update

The selections for Snowsport England have just taken place & we are delighted to announce that SS A squad member 15yr old Eddie Salisbury has been selected for the England Development team for the Halfpipe.  This reflects a steady commitment to training & coaching directions giving a steady improvement over 3 years in the Brits halfpipe to the point this year where he made the final & came 8th overall , winning his age group.

Also from the South ( not part of the freestyle squad but I think part of the SS racing scene) Martin Trotter has been moved up to the A team for skiercross showing great improvement this past season.
Edward Cozzi based in Sussex is already part of the A team & maintains his place.

Josh Birch after 2 years at B level has been dropped from the England halfpipe team , this is due to their progress rule that if you have not progressed to the next level within 2 years you are dropped, Josh is still skiing at B level & came 9th in the Brits H/pipe this year, if he can make progress to the next level he can apply to join the A team next year, to do this he would need to be getting top 25% places in two snow half pipe events which would equate to a top 6 place at the Brits based on the 2010 entry.

We have no current SS ski members in the British team at this point ( I think some of the British board team may be from the south.. need to check)  My James was a British team member in 2008 & represented Britain in 2 World Cup halfpipes in 2007 & 2008 but has not competed in half pipe since.

Ski Halfpipe is the only recognised new school freestyle event recognised by the FIS & currently there is a proposal to consider it for the 2014 Olympic games.
Last week as Antalya, Turkey at the 100th FIS Congress 118 delegates voted yes, to put forth to the IOC to include SKI HALFPIPE in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi Russia. The IOC will now have the opportunity to accept this suggestion as early as September of this year or as late as July of 2011.

Regards Paul Webb