Version 1.1 of the summer race series rules is now available here.

This set of rules have been written to remove any ambiguity in the way that races organised by Snowsport South are run. It is intended that this document is a living document that will evolve as situations arise and clarifications are sought by team managers and race officials.

The points awarded towards the end of season ranking are as follows:

Timed Race: 1st = 25, 2nd = 20, 3rd = 19, 4th = 18, 5th = 17 etc… (no points awarded if racer does not record a valid time)

Duals: 1 point per win (1 point each for a draw)

The end of season points are calculated as a racer’s best 4 results + 1% of any additional results (as a tie breaker). This is the same as saying that it’s just best 4, but that the total will be used in the case of a tie to determine the ranking.