Regional squad success

Paul Richard Webb26 March 2010 at 07:06
Subject: brits blog
Tues 23rd Halfpipe
Early mist clears to leave bright conditions, pipe soft but ok start , biggest pipe in Europe also used for European Open, ramp forward forcing a full 5mt ht drop-in

Southern Squad results
Maddie Rowlands7th o/a 5th in KW

Eddie Salisbury 8th o/a 1st YM, made finals
Josh Birch 9th o/a 5th JM, made finals
Michael Rowlands 15th o/a 4th KM
Paul Webb 16th o/a 1st MM

James Webb busy on the hill with sponsor filming

Wed 24th Slopestyle

Sunny , blue sky day , huge Slope style course also used for European Open.

Rail section
Choice of quite steep down street rail or equally steep long box
Then uphill to a C box or up box
Then a high box or a flat down to a wall ride with option for straight or side hit.

Jump section
2 jump stations close together & a longer run in to the third
All the stations had a choice of three jumps, gaps were something like big 60ft, medium 45ft & small 10ft. It was a challenging course.

I was enjoying practice & planning a run of 3 x 360s on the smalls before hitting the mediums for my 2nd run but then looking down from the chair lift saw a crowd of skiers around a body on the landing for the 2nd jump & realised it was James who had landed a bio 9/10 attempt very short & knocked himself out on the knuckle, that ended both his & my competition for the day as I went with James as he was stretchered off the mountain & taken to hospital.

Back at the course the Southern Squad results were :-

Maddie R 5th o/all & 4th in KW & made the finals qualifying 4th.

Josh Birch 4th o/all & 2nd in JM & made finals
Eddie 15th o/all & 3rd in YM
George Walton 21st o/all & 7th in JM
Tom Saunders 24th o/all & 6th in KM
Michael R 27th o/all & 7th in KM

James W stayed in hospital until the following afternoon , monitored for brain swelling & treated for severe whiplash.

Thurs 25th Ski Cross

Mostly clear but with some cloud & occasional light snow

Course was straight forward woo-tang at start , followed by banked turns & rollers finishing on a jump.

Southern Squad results were :

Maddie R 3rd in KW

Tom S 1st in KM qualifying 1st winning his semi & final with a fantastic overtake to win on the final jump.

Michael R 4th in KM , coming 2nd in his semi

Eddie for the 3rd year running won his age group , this year in the YM

Paul was 6th in the MM

Today is big air

Tom was also able to take part in a photo shoot for Animal earning himself a nice watch.