Race Entries OPEN

Firstly, apologies for the delays in opening race entries this season.
There have been some extra delays setting up PayPal that we had not
expected. As such, entries are opening with payment by post/cheque for
the moment – with online payments hopefully becoming available for later
in the season.

If you were registered with the old website, you should receive an email
in the next few hours containing your new password for the SRSA website
(if you don’t get it, check your junk mail folder). You can change the
password to something easier to remember on the website using the “edit
details” link. Obviously people change their email over time, so if you
know someone who has not received this, please point them in the
direction of the SRSA website so they can reregister.

I hope that the entry system is straightforward to use. Once you’ve
logged on, go to the “enter races” page where you can add new
competitors/enter this year’s races. Once you’ve entered all the races
you want to for now, click “Create invoice for the above entries”.
You’ll then be able to print this invoice (“Print Invoice”) and send it,
along with a cheque for the correct amount (with the invoice number
written on the back), to the address given.

Once we receive the money, your entry will be confirmed and appear on
the entry list for that race.

If you have any problems or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me


Pete Calvert

SRSA Communications Officer